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Jessica Ebner
Los Angeles, CA

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Illustrator and Concept Artist

Nickelodeon Games

Glendale, CA.  2012 - 2014


My responsibilities include:

-Creating illustrations to draw users to the game.  My artwork is used in monthly marketing campaigns: e-mail blasts, advertising on, televised Nickelodeon commercials, and the landing page.

- Concepting artwork for environments, characters, wearable items, and inventory items.

- Occasionaly working with maya texture maps, and modeling.

- Matching my work to be on model with the existing art style, and to be relatable within the Monkey Quest world.

Main programs used:  Flash, Photoshop, Maya.



Associate Art Director

Nickelodeon Games
Glendale, CA.  2008 - 2014


As the Associate Art Director, I collaborate with the Project Manager to create the visual and story theme each month for PetPet . I lead my team of eleven artists to consistently deliver immersive, engaging online worlds full of the rich storytelling and high quality artwork that Nickelodeon is known for.

My responsibilities include:

- Brainstorming and leading design direction for each month's new world, including level concept, character design, items, and outfits.

- Creating full illustrations for the site's landing page each month, marketing illustrations, artwork for print ads, and commercials.

- Animating interactive objects in the game, creating animations for the pets, as well as the player character animations.

- Overseeing the art team in creation of on-model artwork and animation against tight deadlines.

- Interviewing new hires.

- Technical trouble shooting i.e., working with code built into the art templates, assisting with any flash questions the team might have.

- Creating artist friendly templates for the in game wearables, home and garden items, and pet characters. Built the character models from scratch while trouble shooting it with the programming team.

-Work with task and project managers to ensure work can be completed in a reasonable and timely manner.

-Approving employee time-sheets, and absence requests.

Main programs used:  Flash (animation, art creation, character models), Photoshop, Open-Space Editor.




Character Designer & Animator

Nickelodeon Games

Scribble Hero (mobile game)

Glendale, CA.  2012


My responsibilities include:

- Helped workout the overall art design and style of the game.

- Concepted the character designs and final art for the game's enemy characters, and sidekick characters.

- Animated the different states for the enemy, player, and side kick characters.

- Concepted and created the game backgrounds for the different levels.

- Animated the intro animation, which maps out the storyline, and is also a tutorial on how to play the game.

- Animated the finale animation: wraps up the story, and is the final pay off for completing the game.

- Received direction from out-of-house producers and programmers through the course of this project. Made sure I was readily available for feedback, and to trouble shoot.

Main programs used:  Flash, Photoshop.




AstroTilly Mobile Game

Freelance, 2013 - current


My responsibilities:

- Created / concepted, all characters for the game.

- Created all character animations.

- Created all background and environment art.

-  Designed all buttons, pop-out windows, and intro screen art. (interface graphic design)

- Concepted the entire look and feel of the game.

- Logo creation for company and game.

Main programs used:  Flash, Photoshop.


Animator / Graphic Designer (all around artist for web, print, & film)
Aqua-Vid Productions            
Burbank, CA.  2005 - 2007

Responsible for creating a variety of art, and graphic elements for video and website production.


- Animate / Motion Graphics for company logo introductions, website intro animations, website rollover animations, motion graphics for dvd credits and intros.  
- Making motion graphics for DVD Intros, DVD Menu interfaces, and Flash websites. 

- Illustration for websites, medical brochures, restaurant menus, independent films, and music videos.

- Graphic Design for logos, websites, dvd interfaces, medical brochures, restaurant menus, independant films, and music videos.
Main programs used:  Flash- (animation, website building, illustration, action script), Photoshop- (illustration/graphic design, logos), Maya-(basic modeling, animation, texturing),  After Effects- (motion graphics, animation), Illustrator- (graphic design, logos).



3-D Modeler / Texture Artist (internship)
Crash & Sues Productions            
Minneapolis, MN  2004 (6 months)



- Production animation: Assisted in animation in 3 different commercials.  Character animation and effect animation.

- Modeling: modeled character and clothing to be used in a General Mills commercial.

-Texture art: unwrapped and painted texture maps as needed.

Main programs used:  Maya, Photoshop, After Effects.

3-D Modeler / Texture Artist (internship)

Wet Cement Productions

Minneapolis, MN 2003 (4 months)



-Character animation for a children's cartoon about cars.

Main programs used: Lightwave




Minneapolis College of Art and Design  (MCAD)
BFA in Animation (2004.)



Gnomon School of Visual Art and Design
Intro to Maya course (2009, one semester long)





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