Jessica Ebner

Artist with 15+ years of experience creating and guiding art for games.


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Jessica Ebner

Los Angeles, CA



ART DIRECTOR / ARTIST | Kazoo Games- mobile | 2020-Present

Art Direction for "unreleased" (mobile game) working closely with 3D artists and Creative Director.

Assisting in setting the style of the game.

Responsible for art concepts from start to ship, including character designs, environments, props.

Creating 2D shop icons, currency bundle images, food icons and more.


ART DIRECTOR | Jam City (Wild Things- mobile) | 2018-2020

Art Director for "Wild Things Animal Adventure" (Match3 mobile game)

Collaborated with Studio Art Director and Creative Director to concept the game, design new chapters and content for new releases.

Managed a team of several concept artists, worked closely with UI artists, and 3D artists, providing feedback, managing deadlines, creating style guides, templates, and structuring the schedule.

Created visual flow documents for new chapter designs to ensure the entire team had a clear understanding of the assets needed.

Created concept art for environment and character designs to be made in 3D, UI art assets, Marketing art illustration, some 3D modeling and texture work.

LEAD ARTIST | Jam City (Safari Smash + Wild Things- mobile) | 2017-2018

Lead artist on the project "Safari Smash" & "Wild Things Animal Adventure" (Match3 mobile game)

Collaborated with game designers to decide content for new releases.

Worked with 3D team and provided feedback, assisted in texture art.

Created concept art to be made in 3D (environment & character), game piece art, marketing art, and illustration.

Managed art deadlines for the team.

SENIOR ARTIST | Jam City (Genies & Gems + Safari Smash-mobile) | 2015-2017

Created 2D art for the game "Genies & Gems", including game pieces, marketing art, and in game illustrations. (Match3 mobile-game)

Concept art for the game "Safari Smash", creating final game piece art, texture art for 3D, splash page illustration, and marketing art. (Match3 mobile game)

Worked on game pieces art for "Book of Life" mobile game (Match3)


ARTIST – CONTENT DEPT. | Age of Learning | 2014-2015

Illustrating interactive children's books.

Creating mobile game art assets. Animating for educational mobile games.


LEAD CONCEPT ARTIST | Nickelodeon (Monkey Quest- web) | 2013-2014

"Monkey Quest" (web game)

Creating illustrations used in marketing campaigns: email blasts,, televised nickelodeon commercials, and the game's website landing page.

Concept artwork for environments, characters, wearable items, and inventory items (to be made in 3D)

Providing art feedback.

Some 3D modeling and texturing.

● Software: Flash, Photoshop, Maya

POINT ARTIST | Nickelodeon (Scribble Hero- mobile) | 2012

Nickelodeon's first original IP mobile game.

Development and final art for the overall style of the game from project conception.

Concept and final art for characters, animated the different states for the characters.

Concepted and created the final game backgrounds of different levels.

Animated the intro animation FTUE

Animated the finale animation.

Worked with off site collaborators.

● Software: Flash, Photoshop

ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR | Nickelodeon (Petpet Park- web) | 2009-2012

Involved in project at origin, helped guide the initial world build and character assets.

Collaborated with the Creative Director to guide the visual and story theme each month.

Lead a team of artists to consistently deliver immersive, and engaging online worlds, within tight deadlines.

Brainstorming and leading design direction for each month's new world, including level concept, character design, items, and outfits.

Creating marketing illustrations, artwork for print ads, and commercials.

Animating interactive objects in the game, animations for the NPC and player characters

Technical trouble shooting i.e. working with code within art templates, assisting with any software questions the team might have.

Creating artist friendly templates for in game wearables, world items, and characters. Built the character models from origin while trouble shooting it with the engineer team.

Work with task and project managers to ensure tasks can be completed on time.

● Software: Flash, Photoshop, Open-Space Editor (developed in-house)

ARTIST / SENIOR ARTIST | Nickelodeon (Neopets) | 2007-2009

Animation for game assets.

Creating animation sequences for various seasonal events. Including animated characters, backgrounds and text.

Illustrations for use in Marketing

● Software: Flash, Photoshop


ARTIST | Aquavid Productions | 2005-2007

Motion Graphics, logo design, video editing, web design and building, graphics design, 3D modeling, textures.

● Software: Flash, After Effects, Maya, Illustrator, Photoshop




Minneapolis College of Art and Design  (MCAD)

BFA in Animation (graduated 2004)


GNOMON School of Visual Effects

Los Angeles, CA

3D Modeling - 2009